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Gathapraya is Cultural Festival from SHS 3 Bandung. The Gathapraya is an annual event held Senior high school 3. Gathapraya has been held on Saturday that is on 30 september as the commemoration of G30S / PKI day. The Gathapraya open gate at 12am and close gate at 5pm. I'm so happy about that cultural festival because Gathapraya invite many artists / band like Elephant Kind, HIVI!, and Nidji. And made the event festive.

In that day i am went to saparua sport building in the morning, at 8.45am with Faris and Leo. They are the traditional clothes model of the class X Science 7 to parade and the intent of it is to promote the Gatyaphraya Cultural festival. the parade starts from the saparua sport building and ends up the bali field. The model using horses for the parade. After the parade is over, the model was told to wait and will welcome the governor of western Java and indicates that it has officially opened the gathapraya cultural festival. After I followed the parade i&#…
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My Sad Story

In my life, I think every one certainly have a sense of despair. And I will tell you in my blog of despair story.
     This is my story, i'm so sad when i knew my grandnmother was died. I'm so disappointed because I very very love my grandmother and then i was as a child i'm so close to grandma, and i hopeless. Initially my grandma was cough and then my grandma take medicine. But I was not at grandmother's home and my grandmother's house is in baleendah, is so far because I was still in junior high school 2 Bandung to taken part in extracurricular activities I set out for my grandmother's house with my parents.
     When i arrived at grandmother's home. My grandmother's situation was like a sick cough and then my grandmother was taken to the doctor's subscription with my grandfather, my mother, my father, my sister, and also myself. After being taken to the doctor also still sick and even worse, I'm so very sad.
     The next day my grandmo…

Holiday Plan

Farhan : Good Afternoon, Azhar.

Azhar : Good Afternoon, Farhan.

Farhan : How are you?

Azhar :  Alhamdulillah I'm good .

Farhan : i heard next holiday you wanna go to Bali?? it is true??

Azhar : mmm... How do you know that?. Yes, is it true.

Farhan : of course i know it, because i'm a seer. No, i'm just kidding. i know from your girlfriend.

Azhar : mmm... Yeah, i'm gonna go with my friends, but it is just a plan. I hope that's plan can occur. How about you?

Farhan : i' gonna visit my parents in Jakarta, and we will make a plan of our holiday if If we have gathered.

Azhar : owh... just like that.

Farhan : what are you gonna do in bali?

Azhar : surfing, diving, snorkling, cycling, and many others. How about you?

farhan : maybe in jakarta i will clean up my house, because i have moved.

Azhar : ok goodbye.

Farhan : goodbye.


Azhar accidentally meet Nasya at a coffee shop when he want to buy coffee and Nasya was accessig the internet to do some work. Azhar greet her because it's been a long time since they met each other. They had a short coversation about Nasya's school Festival.

Azhar : Hallo, Nasya.
Nasya : Hallo Azhar, How's life? It's been a long time since we met right?
Azhar : Yap, seems like It's been a lifetime. What are you doing here? Is it because the WiFi?

Nasya : Ha ha ha... you know it so well. How about you?

Azhar : I feel bored because I'm home alone and I think it's a good idea to chill here.
Nasya : Ahh.. You're right. Anyway, you look very tall. If I stand beside you I look like a dwarf. I feel annoyed ha ha ha...
Azhar : You grew tall, but you still look short as if a Junior High School student.
Nasya : Nah, event a junior high school student is taller than me. By the way have you heard GATHAPRAYA?
Azhar : GATHAPRAYA? I'm not really sure. Is that a new …


My name is Azhar Maulana. My friends usually called me Azhar.

    I was born in Midwife Pera (Baleendah) on 23 March 2002 on midnight and same date with Bandung Lautan Api, after I was born my father adzan in my ear and witnessed by my grandfather, neighbors in midnight day. Midwife Pera so great because she helped my mother.

    When I was 3 month I moved to Kariango, Makassar, South Sulawesi because my father transferred the job to Kariango at the Batalyon Kostrad 431 and before transferred the job to Kariango, South Sulawesi my father work in Bandung at the Pussenif because my father is soldier must be ready to be placed anywhere. I moved with my sister, she is Yuanita Rosalina, she is a pretty girl like my mom. I am very grateful to have been born in this family.

     I'm grow up and now i am 15 years old. Last year i am studied in 2 JHS Bandung and now I study in 3 SHS Bandung then 3 SHS Bandung is a favorite SHS in Bandung City and maybe in National of indonesia. I am proud…